Looking for Beauty Courses?

Look no further at Tara Beauty School offers a wide range of courses and beauty
treatments for both male and female!

We at the Tara Academy offer a new facility in Edgware, Middlesex, dedicated to bringing to our customers the best in modern beauty and healthy treatments. Easy to find, you will discover that we combine excellent treatment with a friendly and understanding approach. All our staff pride themselves on the high number of repeat clients they have, because those who use us come back again and again – which, in the end, is the best endorsement of all.

we offer a range of treatments that deliver permanent results in just a few sessions. This allows us to treat almost every type of skin, including dark and tanned skin. Many clinics are reluctant to treat darker skin because of the specific skills and technology required as well as the risks of burns and hyper-pigmentation, however the experience of our practitioners combined with the technology we use means this is not a problem for us.

Treatments are suitable for both men and women, of all skin types including dark skin.