Cryopen Training Course

CRYOPEN training courses at TARA BEAUTY SCHOOL

CRYOPEN is the new addition to the beauty industry. It is very practical, affordable and advanced cryotherapy instrument which freezes precise skin imperfections with minimal discomfort for the patient. CRYOPEN allows beauty industries to exceed expectations of clients today, as the procedure is safe and fast.


What is Cryopen?

CRYOPEN is a state of the art treatment using extreme cold to safely and painlessly destroy unwanted moles, warts, skin tags and resistant hyper pigmentation. Using no scalpels or chemicals, CRYOPEN safely, effectively and comfortably removes warts, moles, skin tags and other skin lesions. Removal is virtually pain-free with little or no scarring. Procedures typically last from 5 to 25 seconds, so clients can be in and out of your salon quickly.

There are many key benefits for the use of Cryopen:

  • Quick and non-invasive
  • Rapid freezing for effective treatment
  • high pressure cryogen jet for deeper penetration
  • targets problem areas
  • pre-treatment and follow-up care unnecessary

At TARA BEAUTY SCHOOL we offer two different CRYOPEN trainings, for medics (nurses and doctors) and non medics (anaesthetics).

Cryopen training for non medics (anaesthetics):

Our students learn about CRYOPEN and how the treatment works, the benefits, how to load and how to position the CRYOPEN for effective treatment as well as how to reduce side effects for their future patients. The CRYOPEN that non medics use is a full control pen with on/off switch, it utilises disposable 23,5g cartridges, it has 1 standard micro-applicator and the 23.5g cartridges contain 300 seconds of gas flow.


The skin imperfections that a beautician can treat are limited, these include:

  • Age spots
  • Skin tags
  • Warts
  • Blood blister- Cherry Angioma
  • Pigmentation- small areas
  • Milia

At TARA BEAUTY SCHOOL as well as vital knowledge we also offer training necessary for the beauty industry.

CRYOPEN training for medics (doctors and nurses):

The training for our medical students is far more in depth and the course structure varies. Students learn about the CRYOPEN treatment on imperfections such as moles – coloured & non-coloured as well as getting practical training required for the use of CRYOPEN. The medical students use the CRYOPEN with the 8 gram cartridges. The pen comes with 2 micro-applicators for extreme precision and 8g cartridges = 100 seconds of gas flow (20 layers of 1mm).