Dermapen Training Course

 What is DERMAPEN treatment?

Dermapen 1DERMAPEN is safe, effective and all-natural skin regeneration and scar repair treatment.
It activates stem cells to produce growth factors that create new, plump, healthy skin, through a process called Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT).

                                                        What does it do?

  • Reduces scars (acne, burn scars and stretch marks)
  • evens skin pigmentation
  • erases fine lines
  • fades deep wrinkles
  • tightens sagging skin

Dermapen 2

All skin damage occurs from damaged cells in the dermis. The Original Dermal Roller is the only skin treatment available that works deep in the dermis to provide true skin rejuvenation and repair.

At TARA BEAUTY SCHOOL our students are provided with knowledge of DERMAPEN and how it works and all information necessary to carry out the treatment. They also get vital practise which will allow them to start off using DERMAPEN within their own beauty industry.

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